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    Favourites of the month – February

    February 28, 2020

    Hey guys!!! How are you doing?
    It’s already time for our favourites of the month again!
    There are a lot of Netflix suggestions this month hahaha, we didn’t do anything too exciting on February cause 90% of the time was raining and the others 10% we were working/studying hahah…
    We hope you guys enjoy it and let us know if you ever try any of these things <3 

    So here they go:


    Do you know that kind of documentary that you want to finish in one day? This is it!! The whole story is insane, beautiful, sad and surprising…

    Ok, this product is saving my life hahaha.. My skin is really bad, I have tons of huge acnes and since I started using Mineral 89 from Vichy all these bad things are going away (thanks god!) If you are looking for a super efficient skincare product, go for it!!!

    There is no reason why I am in love with this song, its just cool!!

    4 OAT MEAL
    If you guys know us, you know that we are absolutely breakfast lovers hahaha, we used to have avocado toast every morning since we became vegetarians, but for the last few weeks I am having oat meal every single morning and the nice thing about it is that I’m trying every day a different way to make it.. It has been an amazing challenge for me, especially because I LOVE BREAD!!!!

    Another Netflix series that I fell in love with this month, Next in Fashion has two things that I love: fashion and Tan France hahaha, I was obsessed with this reality show and I really hope that they’ll have a 2nd season!!


    Do you take care of your body as you take care of your face? We have tons of facial skin care products and a few days ago we realize that we had nothing for the rest of our body, so, Kevin went to Lush Cosmetics (now one of his favorites stores in this world) hahaha and we got some shower gel and body moisturizer and WE ARE LOVING IT!!! If you have the chance, go to a Lush and get this Rose Jam Shower Gel…

    Saved my life a couple of times this month! Hahah  IT’S SO YUMMY…

    The Pussycat Dolls remind me of high school and my best friend who lives in France and it gives me joy. So I’m glad they are back bringing back good memories 🙂

    Honestly, I did not think I would like it. I started watching it just because everyone was talking about it, but it kinda grew on me. And I am excited for the next season! Have you guys watched it?

    5 AIRBNB
    We are planning a road trip to California in April (stay tuned!) and I’d just like to thank AirBnB for giving us the opportunity to have unique experiences that we would definitely NEVER have in a hotel room. 

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