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    Thrift Shopping

    June 11, 2019

    Who doesn’t loooove a Thrift Store?
    There is just sooo much history involved .
    It’s amazing to think that every piece of clothing has a story. Where did it come from? Who wore it? How was that person like? If you let your imagination flow, guys, seriously, you can go places! Hahahha
    We are lucky enough to have one just a block away from our building. As you can imagine, most of our furniture and clothes are from there. 😉
    Anyway, this weekend we went to a Value Village. A friend of ours used to work there and she would always meet us with a really cool new finding from her thrift store.  So we decided to take the Sunday to browse and see if we could find something.

    After 3 looong hours of digging, tons of clothes and several trips to the fitting room to select pieces and make room in the cart we are pretty happy with our findings.
    Are you guys ready to see them?
    Well, there we go!
    The first look is this White Jeans Shorts from H&M and the top is this really cute sweatshirt.

    The second look is a Levi’s Ripped Black Jeans and an Abercrombie sweatshirt.

    For the third look we found this Lira Black Wash Jogger (we always wanted one in caramel but we fell in love with this one) and a classic NEW YORK T-Shirt.

    And last but not least, Zara’s Natural Linen Pants and a classic Grey H&M T-Shirt.

    As you can see we had a very productive thrift shopping Sunday. The best part is that all of these looks are from well known brands (some expensive ones) and they are in perfectly good condition. Just so you have an idea, the most expensive piece of clothing was the Levi’s jeans (CAD$15).
    To sum up, if you have never been to a Thrift Shop, GO NOW!!!! We totally recommend, it’s super fun and you are going to be surprised with some of the things you’ll find there.

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