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Skin Mask time!!!

June 19, 2019

Hey guys!!! How’s your week going so far? We hope you’re all good!
We have been kinda busy and a bit off, buuuut we’re back!! 🙂
And we are here to share with you guys this super cool vídeo that we made of our new favorite detox skin mask.
Seriously guys, this mask is magical! We saw a HUGE difference in our skin at the very first time that we applied it. (and we are NOT SPONSORED hahahah)
The mask is called CHARCOAL + ROSE DETOX MASK by Midnight Paloma and you can get a free sample! Check her website to see if it’s still available.
Anyways…here is a little bit more about the mask:
You can tailor your mask for your skin needs. This all natural charcoal mask is your skins best friend when it comes to keeping it detoxified. The hero ingredient charcoal absorbs impurities and acts like a magnet to draw out dirt from pores. 
Other ingredient profiles:
-Rolled Oats soothe + reduce inflammation 
-Rose Petals retain moisture + soften
-Kaolin Clay is absorbent and exfoliating (it is also the gentlest clay, so its great for sensitive skin)
You can choose wether you want to mix it with purified water, raw honey or organic plain yogurt. However, you should know that if your skin is dry you should probably mix it with honey. On the other hand, Yogurt is perfect for oily/Acne prone skin.
Let us know if you liked the vídeo!!!
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