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June 28, 2019

Guys, this is gonna be a super short post.
We would just like to share with you THE best candy shop in town.
A few months ago we discovered this shop (Karameller, which means ‘hard candy’ in Swedish) when we went to get our hair cut at ManCave in Yaletown. After getting it done we decided to walk around and we came across this super cute candy shop and treated ourselves with some of their candies. There are many different flavors, shapes, colors, texture, ect; and they are all soooo delicious!!! Kevin’s favorite is the Rambo Crunchy Strawberry and I loove all the sour ones hahaha
Anyway…now guess what has become a tradition? Yep, every time we head to yaletown to get our hair done we MUST stop by this shop and we totally recommend it.
If you have already been to this shop, share with us your favorite candy…we’d love to try new ones.

Bye 🙂

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