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Typical Summer day

July 6, 2019

Heyyyy! How is everything going? We hope you guys are having an amazing summer so far.
We’d love to hear some of your experiences and/or plans for this summer!
Please feel free to comment below or DM us on Instagram 🙂
A few weeks ago we had this amazing day at the beach that we would like to share with you today.
We all have our different ways of enjoying our summer days. Some of you probably go out for drinks after work, others go to the beach enjoy the sunset, I bet many of you just relax at your patio, read a book, whatever. You are even allowed to NOT like summer for all we care 🙂
The point is: for us, a perfect summer day must involve a group of friends coming together, preferrably at the beach, playing volleyball, listening to music, having fun (and a BBQ).
How’s that sound? Hahahah
Anyway, here are some pictures from this super cool day.

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