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Who doesn’t loooove a good tea?

August 7, 2019

Hi guys!!! How’s everyone doing? Hope you’re enjoying the summer as much as we are!
First of all we got a question for you: Are you more of a coffee or tea drinker? (let us know in the comments below)
We absolutely LOVE a good coffee (especially after lunch, its our little tradition). HOWEVER, a while ago we started drinking tea to reduce other unhealthy beverages such as pop or sugary industrialized juices. And you know what? We are looooving it.
Another reason that drove us to start drinking tea are the innumerous benefits that a perfectly blended tea can offer.
A few weeks ago we received this cute box with a tea blend and two infusers from Teami (thank you Teami) and we are obsessed!!!

The blend they sent us is called Teami Refresh and here are some of it’s benefits:
Help soothe stomach aches
Raise energy levels naturally
Packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants
Immune boosting properties
Contains anti-aging properties

An invigorating herbal infusion of mint tea, rose buds and dried fruit, our Teami Refresh is the perfect balance between mint & sweetness. Mint based tea blends are cooling and warming all at once, which helps reinvigorate the senses. The combination of mint, florals and dried fruit leave you feeling refreshed all day long!
Of course they have MANY other blends and flavors for your taste.
If you would like to try it, use our promo code for 20%OFF
Code: WLH20

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