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Our version of The Blue Lagoon (not the movie)

August 29, 2019

Hey, heyy, heeey! How are you guys doing?
I (Andy) am very excited and a bit anxious because I am going to San Francisco for the weekend. My sister is taking a course there and I cannot miss this opportunity to go and catch up with her. It has been almost two years since we last saw each other. Soooo, yeah…there is going to be a post here about my trip, stay tuned 🙂
Buuuut, today is not about me…today we are here to share with you guys our version of The Blue Lagoon, the cocktail. Hahahah
We love to try and mix things and hopefully end up creating a nice and delicious new cocktail.
This time we mixed:
Kefir water (yes, this ingredient made all the difference)
Mint leaves

Have you guys ever tried Kefir Water? Here is a brief paragraph about Why Drink Kefir Water: “Water kefir is an easy-drinking, convenient, and vegan-friendly way to incorporate probiotics into your life. Major health benefits attributed to probiotics include balancing gut microflora, improving immune system function, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, treating irritable bowel conditions, alleviating lactose intolerance, and helping prevent certain cancers. It’s all about the good without the bad.” Taken from
In this drink we used the Azurance which is a combination of lemon, ginger and spirulina.

The reason why, in our opinion, the Kefir water made a huge difference in the drink is because it is a sparkling water that mixes very well with the gin and also the lemon ginger flavor was maximized by the lime. Just PERFECT. You should try it.

PLEASE follow the Drinking Age Legislation of your country!
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