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San Francisco – Labor Day Weekend

September 8, 2019

How’s it going guys??? We are doing GREAT!
As I (Andi) told you guys in the last post, I WENT TO SAN FRANCISCO TO SEE MY SISTER!
Guys, I don’t know if you have siblings or even if you get along with them, but I do have two older sisters and unfortunately I only have a relationship with one of them. 🙁 That’s why this moment, this trip was SO important to me. I know that Family is Family and they will always be Family no matter what. I am very proud of her, she is an architect and a business woman and she came to San Francisco to take a business course in the silicone valley. The moment I saw her I could feel how happy she was and that alone made my trip worth it. I love and admire her so much, you have no idea.
Anywayyyy, before I even start telling you guys what our weekend was like I would like to make something very clear. NOTHING that I am about to share with you was sponsored what so ever. OK? I am gonna be giving tips and suggestions based on my experience.
Let’s get to it then.

Ohh, before I forget, I bought my flight tickets at

Day 1 (Friday)

When I arrived at the airport (around 6pm), I took an uber (very nice guy called Henrique). He took me to the Airbnb ( that my sister and her friends had rented for the duration of their course. The Airbnb was in East Palo Alto because it was closer to the locations they had to go to attend the classes. Super cozy house, I personally did not feel very safe at that neighborhood tho, but for the money value it was OK. We had a couple of beers (Miller High Life – I really liked it), lots of catching up to do and we went to bed.

Day 2 (Saturday)

We set the alarm for 7am. We wanted to make the most of our day! And it was a perfect sunny day. My sister and her friends rented a car, so we went to Downtown San Francisco. We rented a bike at the Blazing Saddles Bike Rentas and Tours ( . Veeery friendly staff and the price was $9 per hour or $36 for the day. We rode all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge which I don’t even have to say that it is breathtaking. Quick stop over at the Presidio. On our way back we stopped at the Palace of Fine Arts (there was a wedding being set up, soooo cute). Returned the bikes in one piece and headed to luuuunch. We picked the Franciscan Crab Restaurant (delicious) ( I had a cup of clam chowder for starter, the Shrimp Fetuccine (perfectly cooked) and a vanilla ice cream for dessert. After lunch we quickly walked around Pier 39, met The Painted Ladies and headed to the Golden Gate Park. We wanted to visit the Japanese Garden, but unfortunately it was about to close so we just walked around the park. For the Golden hour, we had planned to watch the sunset at the Twin Peaks (if you have the opportunity, GO!!) so we dropped by a grocery store to get some fruits, chips, cookies and a nice sparkling wine and went to the Peaks. It was windy as hell, so make sure you bring a jacket, but the view, oooooohhhh my…the view was incredible. And that’s how we wrapped up our Saturday.

Day 3 (Sunday)

Sunday was the last day of their Airbnb, so we had to book a hotel for our last night in San Francisco. We woke up a bit later, packed our stuff and left the house. On our way Downtown, I called the Hotel ( and asked if we could check in earlier or at least leave our luggage there and they were absolutely lovely. Our rooms were not ready yet, but there was no problema t all for us to leave the luggage there. I just need to make a comment here. If you decide to rent a car in San Francisco, make sure you don’t leave ANYTHING in the car, OK? It is very common to get your window crashed and you stuff taken. So, suitcases dealt with, we headed to the Premium Outlet in Livermore, California. My sister and the guys still had a few things they wanted to buy, so we spent 2 hours there. Ohhhh, my sister and I had ice cream there, but it wasn’t any ice cream, it was THE best ice cream I have ever had. Have you guys ever tried the Godiva ice cream? ( If you haven’t, YOU MUST! It literally tasted like heaven, SO GOOD!!! Back from the outlet we were starving, we finally checked in at the hotel, left the car in the garage and the hunting began. Not really, because we were so hungry that we ended up at the Keystone Social House (, which was 30 seconds walk from our hotel hahaha I had a Maitake Mushroom Pizza now, I don’t know if it was the hunger or the pizza really was as good as it tasted…and then after the pizza we tried almost every beer in the menu, and the rest you already know, right? Hahahah

Day 4 (Monday)

Last day 🙁 Why must all good things come to an end?? Well, since we were Downtown, we opted to visit walking distance points. Starting with breakfast at Peet’s Coffe ( (I loved the cappuccino but I missed proper breakfast food, you know?) I would recommend Peet’s if you are looking for a beverage, not food. Ohh, loved the classic music tho (they were playing Bossa Nova). The guys wanted to visit the amazon go store but it opens at 10am and we did not have time to wait so we moved on to Chinatown, Union Square, Cable Cars at Powell, quick stop at Sephora (I bought a mini Foreo, those things are waaay more expensive than i thought) and MAC cosmetics. When we looked at the time it was already noon and my sisters flight was at 4pm so that was it. Time to check out at the hotel and head to the airport. Dropped off the car, had a Burger King for lunch and we got the that moment, as opposed to Sam Smith, I’m terrible at goodbyes. Cried like a baby, the whole airport was looking at me. Why is it so freaking hard to say goodbye to the people we love? My flight did not leave for the next 4 hours so i did a LOT of sitting around and had plenty of time to think about this unique opportunity I just had and to be thankful. I know not many people have this opportunity and I made it happen.

Here is a short vídeo for you guys to imagine yourselves there with me, believe me, you were!

I hope you like this post, please comment below how was your experience in SF or ask me anything in case you are going to SF.

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