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Pants or Trousers?

September 18, 2019

Hi everyone! How’s life??
It’s been a craaaazy couple of weeks for us! But lots of new stuff coming up! 🙂
Before we start this post I have a question, how do you refer to pants in your country? Pants or Trousers? Hahaha I ask because we have a friend from Scotland and we find it super funny how she says trousers instead of pants (and the accent tho? CUUUUUTE). Kisses Stephanie <3
Anyhow, a few weeks ago this clothing brand called Dockers reached out to us presenting the new Dockers  Smart 360 Flex Ultimate Chino. Two days ago they finally arrived. At first we did not expect much because we did not know much about the brand.
When we tried them on, guys, seriously, we were astonished by the way it fits so perfectly and how comfortable it is. It’s like it has been tailored especially for us. They are truly the perfect pant for any occasion. With that in mind we were thinking how could we show you guys these amazing pants in action and how they match with the pieces we already have in our wardrobe. And we decided to create 3 different looks with different styles for different occasions hahahaha

For this first look, Kevin has chosen a basic white t-shirt which I’m sure you have one in your wardrobe, matching with his classic white Adidas and of course the Pembroke Blue Dockers pant. This is a perfect look for a happy hour with friends. If it gets chilly, just throw a blue jeans jacket and don’t loose your cool.
For my first look I opted for a more serious, professional vibe, which matches to my personality. For the top I have chosen a navy blue shirt and a beige sweater. Both of them go super well with my Dark Ginger Dockers pant. To rock the outfit I put my brown boots, can’t go wrong with them, right?

For this second look, I went for a more “pub with the guys” kind of vibe. I’ve chosen a jeans shirt that matches perfectly with my Dockers Dark Ginger Pant and my Black Adidas.
Kevin picked a striped blue/white shirt, his New York Yankees hat that I bought for him in SF and his New Balance. He is obviously going for a Navy color palette matching his Dockers pants. Kevin is ready to catch a movie or a baseball game or even for a walk in the park.

For the last look of our little fashion week, Kevin, as a sales associate, have chosen a more serious\work outfit. Starting with his H&M white sneakers paired with his Pembroke Blue Dockers pant and a flowered stamped button shirt he would alredy be dressed for the occasion. However he decided to add a very important piece to his look, a Blazer from Zara. The blazer takes his look to another level, don’t you guys agree?
I, on the other hand, am going for a veeery Canadian look with my plaid shirt and black boots. I absolutely love this look. With a simple white t-shirt and my Dark Ginger Dockers pants I am ready to see Post Malone rocking it at Rogers Arena (have any of you guys been to his concert?).

We hope you guys liked our fashion week! Hahahah
We’d love to see your looks as well, use the hashtag #checkoutmylookwlh and we’ll make sure we check it out.
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