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H&M Challenge

September 30, 2019

Hi everyone! How’s it going??We are doing great!
As you might have noticed by now, we love fashion, picking pieces and creating outfits, colors and everything. SO, we decided to mix all that love and passion for fashion with the love we have for one of our favorite brands EVER, yes, we are talking about H&M.
A few weeks ago we reached out to H&M  with a really cool idea and they supported us, which just that by itself had already made our year!!
So, without further ado, the challenge was to come up with 3 different outfits for different occasions with a budget of CAD$100 for each outfit (excluding shoes, cause you know, that would be impossible hahaha).
All clothes from H&M, of course!
We would like to thank all the crew that helped us out. You guys welcomed us very kindly and made us feel at home! Special thanks to Athena, Geraldine, Jason, Fran, Julia and Shehd. You guys were amazing!
At the end there is a short lookbook video that I think you guys are going to looove!
At least we had a blast filming it.
OK, let’s get to it!
We are not going to describe each look, the pictures and the lookbook speak for themselves.

Kevin’s first outfit:
Cotton Flannel Shirt $29,99
T-shirt: $7,99
Trashed Skinny Jeans: $49,99
TOTAL: $87,97 (before tax)
Andi’s first outfit:
Regular Fit Oxford Shirt $29,99
Leather Belt $19,99
Skinny Fit Suit Pants: $39,99
TOTAL: $89,97 (before tax)
Kevin’s second outfit:
Felted Hat: $19,99
Cotton Piqué T-shirt: $ 17,99
Leather Belt $19,99
Slim Fit Twill Pants: $29,99
TOTAL: $87,96 (before tax)
Andi’s second outfit:
Hooded Sweatshirt: $29,99
T-shirt: $7,99
Cargo Joggers: $39,99
TOTAL: $77,97 (before tax)
Kevin’s third outfit:
T-shirt: $7,99
Knit Sweater: $39,99
Skinny Fit Suit Pants: $39,99
TOTAL: $87,97 (before tax)
Andi’s third outfit:
T-shirt: $7,99
Fine-knit Sweater: $29,99
Slim Jeans: $39,99
TOTAL: $77,97 (before tax)

Here’s the lookbook video:

Let us know in the comments below what did you think about the outfits we came up, or any suggestions…the whole point of this challenge was to show you guys that you can dress well and not spend tons of money.
We really hope you guys like this post, we had a lot of fun doing it.
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