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October 3, 2019

Hey people! What’s going on?
Have you checked our H&M vídeo? NO??? WHAT? It’s in our IGTV @weliveheaven
OK, let’s face it, summer is over! We’ve passed the denial phase ‘oh its just a little rain’ NO it’s not! It’s officially raining season! And if you live here in Vancouver, you know exactly what that means. Vancouver is not known as Raincouver for any reason, right?
So, it is time to retract into our houses and leave only if it’s extremely necessary, am I right? Although here in Raincouver most of the people don’t even bother with the rain anymore, we are newcomers and we are still dealing with that. Our minds are still set to whenever it’s raining, stay inside! Please HELP US get through it! Any tips? Hahahah
And we all know what comes after the rain…the snow! Some people may say it doesn’t snow in Vancouver, but I have had the experience to be here 2 winters in my life, and it snowed in both!

So…anyways…the point here is…winter can be very depressive with all the raining, the snow (and i’m not even gonna mention that it gets dark at 5pm) and grey-ish days. To brighten our days, we decided to buy flowers to our home. We love to hang out at home and just spend quality time together and the flowers make the atmosphere more pleasant…in addition to the flowers we recently got candles from AuraTae (thank you) that create the perfect energy with it’s delicate and tasteful scent.

To be honest, we’ve had flowers in our previous apartments and we managed to kill them all. Hahaha So having flowers is a challenge for us. Good news is that they survived 3 weeks so far. I guess we are doing OK (0Kills) hahaha

Surprisingly, other than bringing life and color to our household, the flowers actually improved our mood. It’s funny cause people say that you have to talk to them (yes, the flowers) in order for them to grow healthier. We are doing doing it…and not only the flowers are growing healthier, we are too!!! I find this amazing! Don’t you?
Do you have flowers at home? Do you talk to them? Do you believe it helps or are we just being silly?

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