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40 Random Facts About Us

October 12, 2019

Hey guys! 🙂
I guess the title is pretty self-explanatory…right? hahaha
So let’s get into it right away.

1.Kevin is 23 years old
2.Andi is 29.
3.We are both Sagitarius.
4.Kevin dreamed of being an actor.
5.Andi Always wanted to be a vet.
6.Kevin loves Beyonce and Anitta almost more than he loves Andi.
7.Andi is a huge fan of Rihanna.
8.Kevin’s favourite movie is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
9.Andi doesn’t have a favourite movie.
10.Andi’s favourite food is Hamburger.
11.Kevin’s is carbonara.
12.Kevin is not a fan of GOT.
13.Andi is but stopped watching in the 3rd season because of Kevin. Haha
14.Kevin doesn’t like Coca-Cola.
15.Andi is addicted to Coca-Cola.
16.We both prefer salty over sweets.
17.We met in Tinder.
18.Kevin has 2 names: Kevin Thomas.
19.Andi is German descendant.
20.Kevin wouldn’t go 24hr without his phone.
21.Andi hates that about him.
22.Kevin can draw.
23.Andi plays volleyball.
24.Andi loves the sea.
25.Kevin prefers the pool.
26.We both would rather travel 30hrs by car/train than taking a plane.
27.When Kevin was a child he used to hide food inside his mouth, like in the cheeks. Hahah (his Family used to call him Bulldog)
28.We both love a good coffee.
29.But Kevin is addicted to it.
30.Andi would love to be able to sing.
31.Kevin wants to learn how to play the piano.
32.Kevin loves to watch make-up tutorials on youtube.
33.Andi would rather watch Friends.
34.Andi has lived in New Zealand for two years.
35.Canada is Kevin’s first experience abroad.
36.Andi has traveled South-East Asia by himself for over a month.
37.Kevin can’t go to the bakery by himself without getting lost.
38.We both can cook but we have na agreement that Kevin cooks and Andi cleans.
39.Kevin is more of a beer kinda guy.
40.Andi likes the spirits.

OMG, we could do this for hours! But that would bore you guys to death! Hahaha
So these are some curiosities about us.
Let us know if you’d like to know more about us.

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