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A week of outfits by Kevin

October 19, 2019

Hey guys! How are you doing?
How many times have you opened your wardrobe in the morning and couldn’t find anything to wear? Not because you don’t have any clothes, but because you were not inspired that day?
Sometimes all you need is some ideas, right? A fresh point of view….
With that in mind, Kevin took pictures everyday before he left for work to inspire you guys! Since he works as a sales associate, some of the looks are going to be a bit more formal.
We know you might not have the exact same pieces as Kevin does, but we’re sure you have something similar that you could wear instead. The whole point here is to help you discover new looks with the clothes you already have.

Jaquet – Zara
Shirt – Zara
Pants – Dockers
Shoes – Adidas
Jaquet – Levi’s
Sweater – UniQlo
Pants – Banana Republic
Shoes – Adidas
Cap – Lids
Jaquet – Forever21
T-Shirt – H&M
Pants – Forever21
Shoes – Adidas
Hat – H&M
Coat – Zara
Hoodie – Thrift Shop
Pants – Dockers
Shoes – Adidas
Jaquet – TNG
Shirt – GANG
Pants – Levi’s
Boots – Browns
Pijamas – Costco
Robe – Hotel SPA
Flip-Flops – Adidas

This is our pilot project…if you guys like it, we can turn it into a regular post (going to college outfits by Andi). Please let us know in the comments below if that is something you would like.
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