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Whistler Getaway

October 29, 2019

Heeey guyyys! It’s been a while, right? How is life going?
We are sooo happy! We just went on our first Press Trip, to Whistler, and we absolutely LOVED it! It was a “guys getaway” filled with super cool activities and we are gonna share EVERYTHING with you guys!
It all started with the most gorgeous ride from Vancouver to Whistler. The landscape is breathtaking! It’s like you are driving through a movie set.

Have you guys ever thrown Axes? Hahahah Yes, our first stop was at forgedaxe where we got to experience throwing Axes. We were kinda apprehensive at first, but once you get the handle of it it’s SO MUCH FUN! And don’t worry, the Axes are not heavy, and throwing them is not about strength…it’s all about your body movement. We are definitely gonna go again!

Second stop was at montisdistilling. Montis is a locally owned Gyn and Vodka Distillery. It was a one of a kind experience for us…we had never done spirits tasting before (only wine). We loved their concept, the space is cute and very well decorated.

We had lunch at huntergatherwhistler. It is also a locally owned establishment, which makes it very cozy and familiar. I had the Chicken Shawarma with potatoes on the side and a beer, and Kevin had the Dippy Do Dat Beef Brisket also with potatoes on the side and an iced tea. For desert we all shared a few doughnuts and a good coffee. Everything was just perfect.

Do you know what a Pod Hotel is? Make sure to check it out at pangeapod. Basically, you share the room and the facilities (like in a hostel) but you have your own “capsule”. The Living Room was definitely our favourite feature! The food is amazing (you have to try their mushroom Flatbread) the drinks are very well done and the coffee is top notch! Highly recommended if you are in a budget, or just want to spend a night in Whistler.

In the evening, we went to altabistro where we had one of THE best dinner we have ever had. We had the tasting menu dinner. Really well elaborated dishes, paired with the perfect wines. Just perfect! Our compliments to the Chef!
That wraps up our day.
The next morning we went Ziplining with ziptrek. It was soooo much fun! We went on 5 different ziplines. In the first one we were terrified because we didn’t know what to expect, but once your adrenaline levels rise and you actually start enjoying it, it’s awesome!!

This was our getaway to Whistler, guys!
Please enjoy this short video we made for you.
Before we go, we’d like to give a special shout out to SerenaPR, Tourism Whistler, and the boys Jeremy, Rick and Tyler.
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