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October 30, 2019

It’s Halloween!!! What costume are you guys going to wear?
To be honest, we knew that Halloween was celebrated here in North America, but we had no idea it was this big! I mean, it’s supposed to be the second biggest holiday in revenue, loosing only for Christmas. In Brazil, I guess we don’t celebrate it because we can’t grow pumpkins like you do here.
The fun part of Halloween, in our opinion, is going to a farm, picking the perfect pumpkin and carving it (or in my (Andy) case murdering it hahaha). And then for the party goers the second part would be choosing a costume and getting dressed to celebrate. Oh, and we can’t forget the trick-or-treating, right? Who doesn’t steal candies from their nephews and nieces? Well, we would! hahaha
Anyway, it’s become pretty obvious why Halloween is so popular! There are activities for the family to do together, only for the adults and only for the kids.
Halloween is such a fun holiday, isn’t it?
Last year we went pupking picking and we carved them! It was awesome!

For this Halloween, we weren’t gonna do anything but we have seen so many makeup videos that we decided to do a Skull makeup to inspire you guys! We hope you like it!

Hopefully, next halloween we’ll plan ahead and do the full Halloween experience!
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