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November 7, 2019

Hey guyssss! How are you doing? 
Did you know that one of our passion in life is photography? (I think it’s pretty obvious, eh?:)) Back home we even started our own photography business…and we were doing pretty well until we decided to move to Canada! None of us has actually studied photography, so we don’t consider ourselves photographers…we are just enthusiasts.
Anyway, our passion for photography is one of the main reasons we started this blog in the first place. 
Most people when seeking for ideas or inspiration, regardless if it’s photography, deco, or style, end up in Pinterest, right? Well, we on the other hand like to appreciate other digital creators. There are soooo many talented people out there! Each with their very own characteristics and that is fascinating.
Today we would like to share with you guys a few of our favourites when it comes to photography. Obviously we admire many others, but if we were to list them all here this post would be 100 pages long! Hahaha 
We might do a weekly “people who inspire us” if that’s something you guys would like (let us know in the comments below).
Without further ado, let’s get to them!

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