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Monday Mask #2

November 24, 2019

Hello people!
We are back with another highly recommended mask!
This week is going to be pretty hectic! Friday is Kevin’s birthday and Black Friday!
Why is it a big deal? Becaaaause, Kevin works in retail which means he doesn’t get to have the day off. Plus Black Friday week is always stressful.
We all know that our skin always reflects our emotions, right? So, nothing better than a mask to get our skin detoxed and ready for a stressful week.
This week’s chosen mask is from our all-time favourite skincare brand Midnight Paloma.
It contains charcoal that absorbs impurities and acts like a magnet to draw out dirt from pores. You can also tailor your mask for your skin needs.
You choose what to mix it with: purified water, raw honey or organic plain yogurt.
Mixing w/ Purified Water – Best for All Skin Types: softens; purifies; balances skins PH (which means the skin will be at its healthiest and can protect itself from bacteria & pollutants)
Mixing w/ Raw Honey – Best for Dry Skin: anti-bacterial (great for acne prone skin) antioxidant rich (anti-aging) clears pores, extremely moisturizing & soothing.
Mixing w/ Organic Yogurt Benefits – Best for Oily/Acne Prone Skin: filled with natural lactic acid, dissolves dead skin + tightens pores; prevents breakouts; works to diminish fine lines; evens skin tone w/ gentle exfoliation.
If you would like to try this mask before buying it because you’re not sure if it’s going to work for your skin, you can go to their website and get a free sample! 
Or you can use our code: weliveheaven and get a super discount
Visit their website: MidnightPaloma
And check out the video we made a few months ago testing this mask.
Have a wonderful week and don’t forget to subscribe.

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