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Favourites of the month – November

November 28, 2019

How are you guys doing?
We would like to introduce to you guys our “favourites of the month”. 
Every month we’ll be sharing everything that somehow touched us and/or became part of our lives, such as products, tv shows, music, food, etc; This is a fun way to share with you guys new things, right?
Each of us has chosen 5 favourite things this month.
Here they go:


Foreo: Kevin has always struggled with his oily/Acne pro skin. Since he started washing his face with Foreo he noticed his skin less oily, softer and hydrated. It has become a part of his daily routine and he cannot see himself not using it.

Zara Coat: It is not easy to find a warm, stylish and affordable coat. Kevin hates wearing layers and layers of winter clothes, so this coat is just perfect!

Bee Propolis: Whenever Kevin catches a cold or flu his throat is the first thing that gets affected. So, a couple of months ago he started taking these Bee Propolis capsules and so far his throat is 100%.

Queer Eye – Japan: It is Kevin’s absolute favourite Netflix series of all time. This season in Japan got him even more emotional than usual. He really connected with the stories.

Find your way back – Beyoncé: No need to say that Kevin is obsessed with her. If you know him even a little you know it. It was his every day/mood/situation/event song this month hahah


Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 – The Ordinary: Andi has never been very committed to beauty or skincare products. Until we bought this Hyaluronic Acid from The Ordinary. For the first time Andi is actually putting on a skincare product every single day. It gets the skin super soft and matte. 

LaterApp: Andi just loooves keeping track of numbers, analyzing graphics, and making predictions. Hahaha So this app is awesome for that! It gives you detailed information about your Instagram account.

James Blunt – Once upon a Mind: Andi listened to James Blunt A LOT in his teens…and James disappeared for years and now that he is back Andi is just obsessed with him again.

Friends: I mean, who doesn’t love Friends? It is one of the best series of all times! Andi would add Friends to his top five EVERY month! hahaha

Maybelline Master Blur Stick: Andi has always had a problem with his oily forehead, especially in pictures. This pore minimizing/primer is lifechanging! Super recommended! 

We hope you guys like this post!
Let us know if you have any suggestion for next month’s favourites!
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