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New Year’s Resolutions

December 30, 2019

Hi guys! How’s everyone doing?
Another year has come to an end. 
2019 has been very special to us because we got to meet you guys! To be honest, we never thought we would get this much love in such a short period of time. We are very thankful for what 2019 has brought us!
However, it’s time to say goodbye to 2019; and, we all know that every end of a cycle is a great opportunity to review the past and make improvements, right?
One of the goals of this post is to share our resolutions with you guys, obviously, and to motivate us to actually try and achieve whatever we wish for 2020. But also to be able to come back here at the end of next year and evaluate how well we performed in our resolutions, and that’s pretty cool J We encourage you guys to do it as well (you can comment in this post if you’d like).

1.Get my US visa: well it should have been done in 2019 but I’m always trying to avoid it, if you don’t know, people from Brasil have to make a crazy/scary interview to get the US visa, yes, we can not even stop over in the US without it! I applied before we came to Canada but it got denied, oooh it’s a long and sad story…Anyway it is a must to do for this year!!
2.Start in the gym: Everybody probably know that I’m always going to the gym, at least 5 days a week… I lost around 12kg since last years… (I know, it’s A LOT) so I currently workout at our building’s gym but now, after a while I’m feeling that our gym it’s not enough, seems like my body is not changing anymore and it’s frustrates me… My plan is starting ASAP in a better and bigger gym!! 
3.Make new tattoos: Yesss, it’s stupid but is something that I really want… I already have 2 tattoos, one anchor in my left arm and a compass+roses in my right arm but I think it’s time to get more art in my body hahahah I pinned a bunch of ideas on Pinterest and OMG I’m can not stop thinking about one specific… I want so badly to get a butterfly tattooed on my right arm.
4.Be more on time: I’m the worst human being in the world when it comes to planning my time and scheduling appointments, it’s bad I KNOW… sometimes I don’t realize that I have planned a lot of things to do in like, 45min, or that I have to leave my house in 5min  but I didn’t take a shower and brush my teeth.
5.Read at least 3 books (in English): Obviously I have to improve my writing skills hahahah English for me it’s a nightmare, we’ve been in Canada for about 2 years now and when I arrived here my English was only: “Hey my name is Kevin, how are you?” lol… After almost 2 years I can start a conversation with someone and spend like hours talking (not perfectly of course).. Anyway, I have never read any book in English and I think it’s time to start practicing more my read and writing skills 🙌🏻
7.Manage my finances more wisely: OKKK I need save money to do all that I wanna go this years hahahaha specially go to Brazil hahaha everything is so expensive and saving money for this kinda thing is really hard!! 
8.Practice yoga frequently: so I started practicing yoga this year to get more relaxed and less anxious, but our lives got so busy and I put it aside, but this years I wanna go more into it, you know?! 


1.Eat Healthier: After watching the Netflix documentary “What the Health” it was almost inevitable to stop and rethink our eating habits! I know it’s cliché, but one of my resolutions is to somehow eat healthier. If it means cutting off the meat from my diet, then be it. I am ready to experiment and see how my body reacts and what makes me feel better.
2.Lose weight/exercise more: For the past 5 years of my life I have been a total sedentary. I used to be very active, but I just lost that “GO” feeling somewhere. And 2019 has definitely been the year to get that feeling back. Another cliché resolution? Yes! But I don’t care. Believe it or not, I have reached 104kg at the beginning of this year and I am gradually burning some of that fat and turning some into muscles. I am far from where I want to be, but I believe that if I maintain my training routine, I will get there.
3.Save money: No need to explain right? Who doesn’t have trouble saving money? hahah
4.Get more in touch with my friends who live far away: I am a terrible friend when it depends on technology. There is no explanation for it, I just need to be more present even though I am distant.
5.Get my Canadian Drivers License: Although being a student here in Canada allows me to drive with my drivers license from home, there is just this small issue, my drivers license expired and I have no intention of going home anytime soon (in the next 9-12 months).
6.Travel to US: It has always been a dream of ours (Kevin and I) to travel together to US. I have been to US several times, but he has never.
7.Lose my fear of public speaking: I am ULTRA shy! Like, seriously shy! I have run away from presentations my whole life! I managed to get a degree skipping all the presentations I could! Even if it meant I had to study extra hard for the exams and get a lower final grade. When there is a friends gathering of more than 6 people, you won’t hear me talk! The feeling that everyone is going to be looking at me, TERRIFIES me!

Hope you guys get inspired by our resolutions and make up your own, too.
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