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Celery miracle

January 22, 2020

Hello everyone!!! 
If you follow us on Instagram you probably have seen us in our stories drinking celery juice. A while ago we asked if you guys knew about it and A LOT of people don’t know about it!!! 
So, here’s our experience with it! We have started taking it last year in April. We consumed it for about 3 months (the results were amazing) and then we stopped. Recently we got back to it and we have been taking celery juice for a month and a half everyday 15min before our first meal (breakfast) and we are feeling great. 
Celery juice have a bunch of benefits but for us the most important are:
– prevents high blood pressure 
– reduces bloating
– helps heal digestion 
– lowers inflammation 
– healing for acnes 
– helps lower high cholesterol 

Guys!!! Seriously! You must drink it every day for at least a month to START seeing the results! The full treatment is actually 90 days, but you can drink it for life if you are committed and perseverant enough! We have to tell you tho, I does not taste like freshly squeezed orange juice, BUT you kinda get used to it after a while. Plus, once you see the benefits, the taste becomes irrelevant.
It is super easy to prepare, for two glasses of juice we use two glasses of celery and one glass of water.
Let us know your experience with it if you decide to try it out.
We’d love to know!
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