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Favourites of the month – January

January 27, 2020

How are you guys doing?
It is time for our favourites of the month of January!
Since we turned vegetarian this year, we are going through major changes in our diet, so for our first month we have obviously discovered and tasted many foods we have never tried before.
And that’s why this “favourites of the month” is going to feature a lot of food hahahah

Here they go:


1 Underdog (music from Alicia Keys): You should all listen to it and understand the lyrics! Alicia is a queen!
2 Sprague Organic Black Beans from Costco: Black beans are a huge part of a traditional meal in Brazil so we basically grew up have black beans at least 3 times a week. And these beans are as close as you can get to the real Brazilian beans, in my opinion.
3 Panago’s Plant-based pizza: My favourite food in the entire world is pizza! And I am just OBSSESSED with the Beyond Summer BBQ pizza (the only thing I do is substitute the BBQ souce for Organic Tomato Sauce, and NO Jalapenos). The Dairy-free cheese is to die for!
4 Yves Veggie Ground Beef: The first thing that came to my mind when we decided to become vegetarian was “how am I gonna live without ground beef?”. Well, we found the perfect plant-based substitute. This brand as tons of great plant-based products for vegans and vegetarians.
5 Oat milk: read Andi’s description! Hahahah But Oat Milk is SO MUCH better.


1 Silk Unsweetened coconut milk: We know we have gone only vegetarian but we agreed to not buy milk, eggs and cheese as an attempt to gradually take them off our diet as well. I mean, we still eat them, we just don’t have them at home. Anyway, breakfast is our sacred meal, we love having breakfast together and we ALWAYS have a latte, soooooo since the NO MILK policy, we had to reach out for substitutes. And I absolutely loved my coffee with coconut milk!
2 Meet at Yaletown: Great vegetarian restaurant! Highly recommended!
3 Netflix Series – Sabrina
4 Selena Gomez’s new album – Rare
5 Hunter Boots: Well, we live in raincouver! My Hunter is one of THE best acquisitions I have made. They are not the most comfortable boots but they certainly keep my feet dry, and that makes me very happy! 

We hope you guys like this post!
Let us know if you have any suggestion for next month’s favourites!
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