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But first, Coffee

March 8, 2020

Guys, who else here can’t function in the morning before having a cup of coffee? Or, would die for an expresso right after lunch with a truffle? Nhammmmm
I guess we could say that we are coffee lovers. Although we don’t actually know much about coffee, like, the different types of bean and rosters and brews…
One thing is for sure, we consume A LOT of coffee. hahah 
And that being said, we miss our coffee from Brazil. We know that Brazil is a major exporter of coffee beans so it has to be good, right? When we first moved to Canada we struggled to find a coffee that we like until we stumbled across a dark roast Colombian Coffee which quickly became part of our morning breakfast feast hahaha (We love breakfast! It is definitely our favourite meal of the day)
Recently, we tried a medium roast Brazilian coffee from Gold Door Coffee and it is AMAZING! Check these guys out! They are a Canadian eco-friendly brand that sources their coffee from small Canadian rosters. WIN-WIN for all! 
Anyway, we just wanted to share with you guys our passion for coffee.
Do you have a favourite roster? Let us know!

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