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April 3, 2020

Hey guys, how is your social distancing going? 
Ours has been resumed to sleep, eat and Netflix/PlayStation hahahah which is great, isn’t it?
We have caught up in all the series we were watching and even watched new ones.
So, for today’s post we thought that it would be nice to share what we have been watching since our quarantine started.

Here we go:

– Elite (Netflix): This is the perfect series for us. Elite has everything that makes us not wanna turn the TV off. There is crime, high school drama, teenager issues, love, and cute boys hahaha… We are not going to tell you the story because spoilers are not welcome in here 

– Aladdin 2019 (Disney+): This was the second time we watched it, first time was in the movie theater and we absolutely love it. Kevin has never watched the original one, so for him everything was really new and I’ll tell you, we listened to the movie soundtrack for 3 months after hahaha

– Sex education (Netflix): WE ARE OBSESSED!!!! If you have never watched it you should hahahaha As we said in the Elite description, we love a high school story slash teenager drama. Sex Education is a really ‘’modern’’ series, they talk openly about sex in the early years (which is very important to address), they aboard gay issues, feminism, relationship advice. It’s SO GOOD.

– I am not ok with this (Netflix): Yes, another teenager series (judge us! Haha) what we like the most about it is to be able to embark with her in the journey to discover her superpower. Also, the episodes are very short (about 25 minutes) which is good. 

We also watched Ozark (Netflix), Next in Fashion (Netflix), Return to Oz 1985 (Disney+), Dennis the Menace (Netflix), Pitch Perfect 3 (Netflix), The Circle (Netflix)

What have you been watching? We’d love some recommendations…

Stay safe, stay home!
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